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"Housing, Health, and History: Interdisciplinary Spatial Analysis in Pursuit of Equity for Future Generations" co-authored with Ben Wilson, Peter Eaton, Douglas Bowles, Natalie Kane, Kevin Kennedy. In Intergenerational Responsibility in the 21st Century, Edited by Julia M. Puaschunder, 57-82. Wilmington, DE. Vernon Press 2018

Where we live plays a critical role in determining socio-economic status and lifetime health outcomes. Developing insights from recent research, this chapter tracks childhood asthma encounters from the hospital to the home, examining health as wealth in a socio-economic and historical context. Spatial inference and visual presentation of the data in maps reinforces this analysis. This interdisciplinary research finds that a child’s home environment is a relevant predictor of their health. These results align with innovations in healthcare provisioning practices that are achieving improved health outcomes by extending treatment regimes from the doctor’s office into the patient’s home. On the basis of these results, it is argued that in economics and healthcare, a responsible path forward is to go beyond traditional policies and treatments that elevate specific adverse symptoms of intergenerational inequality; and instead take a holistic approach to health and well-being at multiple scales of economic and human geography.

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